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TAITE project is a platform for piloting KO-KOO-MO’s therapeutic block theatre concept, together with the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences’ digital MEMO block memo mobile application, as a material for a new approach in social and health care services. The Finnish social and health care system is going through a vast change, which in turn is creating new opportunities and pressure for new and innovative, need-based well-being services. There’s constant need for new, and above all preventive services. The development opportunities are better than ever, thanks to digitalization and the fast-evolving technology.


TAITE project’s idea was to try out innovative, art- and technology-based tools integrated into existing social and health care services, and use the experiment as a basis to create service models for entirely new services. Through experimentation the involved parties learned new things about the roles of different tools, and the opportunities there are for producing new well-being services for different target groups. The resulting well-being service models can be scaled to various preventive services. With the new service models and tools, the project is expected to create new employment and business opportunities. The project was realized by Satakunta University of Applied Sciences and KO-KOO-MO ry, in collaboration with The City of Pori, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Kaunummen koti, and Happy Elderly Appartment retirement home (Changzhou, China).


The project tried out entirely new kinds of service concepts, promoting well-being and quality of life. Its content relied on the previously developed block theatre concept that combines art and technology, and its digital additions (MEMO-block memo mobile application).


The project’s short-term aim was to learn how art and technology needs to be packaged into a service that can be easily implemented and integrated into the evolving service system. The long-term aim was to create new social and health care services, jobs, and businesses, willing and able to work also beyond the Finnish borders. The new services create well-being and new life content for a variety of target groups (including elderly, disabled, (special needs) children, people recovering from mental health issues, and immigrants) and the organizations providing services for them (including day units, day care services, assisted living, youth psychiatry, special education, rehabilitation and multicultural activities).


The project was realized during 2017. The project included shows and workshops in Pori, Eurajoki, and China.


The digital application MEMO, in testing phase during the project, is meant for recording both the building process and the final construction, sharing the images using internet and widely available mobile devices, in a voluntary, guided context. The real-world blocks can be transferred into digital form and into the MEMO application by scanning them with a mobile device. The scanned blocks are the users tool in the building process. In the application you can do things that would be impossible in the real world.


The project’s multidimensional concept focuses on the basic factors behind well-being:
expression through play, interaction, and problem-solving. Our art is an exploration into innovative thinking.

TAITE – taiteen ja teknologian yhdistämisellä hyvinvointipalveluja (TAITE Project)

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