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Human-shaped reconstruction kit ® is the core of the KO-KOO-MO concept, based on creativity and inspiration. It’s a depiction of humans and humane infrastructure; it’s a shape that is built, dissembled, and reconstructed. The basic component of the construction kit is a block that is so simple and abstract that it leaves room for interpretation. The block functions on the interface between rationality and emotions, and it’s a tangible tool that fits hands both small and big. 


The guiding principles in designing the blocks, in addition to the aesthetic values, have been versatility and the endless possibilities for interpretation. The construction kit is just a physical tool, an aid for structuring the final form and meaning, always from the experiencer’s point of view, as an intangible vision, an association, and a memory. The construction kit’s shapes, and their combinations, have been used as objects in an exhibition, tools in a workshop, and props in puppet theatre.

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