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For me, the work of an artist is that of an explorer.


I’ve been rolling the wooden blocks for a decade, traveled with them through ever-

changing mindscapes. You never know what you’ll come across. You are always on a

fascinating journey. And who’d want to give that up!


The wooden blocks encourage to ecological traveling within your imagination. The blocks

are durable, they keep their form for generations, and hold a continuum of endless possibilities within.


The world of blocks is rich and knows no boundaries. They invite you to dive into the stream of free association. On the other hand, they are a mirror of reality you can use to observe your own feelings and being, to build your identity, your self, and your relation to the world around you, over and over again.


For me, being an artist is both a calling and a service profession. I am the servant of the

wooden blocks. My quest is to bring them to life, to feed them with meanings, to keep the

clean, and to lead them to new adventures. It’s a great thrill to keep meeting artists both

big and small, all sharing this work with me. And the blocks? Their job is to serve the

imagination, that needs to be waken up, fed, and invited along on a journey as often as


Roosa Halme: Our Artists
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